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Sports Day

Date: 26-11-2023

Time: To


Details: The Annual Sports Day was celebrated with great pomp in the courtyard of Atam Devki Niketan situated at Kidwai Nagar. The programme rolex replica was started by singing Navkar Mantra, after which the chief guest of the programme Mr. Ashok Parashar Pappi and the Chairman of School Management Committee Mr. Sukhdev Raj Jain, President Mr. Nandkumar Jain, Senior Vice President Mr. Vipan Kumar Jain, Vice President Mr. Banka Bihari Lal Jain, Vice President Mr. Shanti Swaroop Jain, General Secretary Mr. Rajeev Jain, Joint Secretary Mr. Rakesh Kumar Jain, Manager Mr. Satindra Kumar Jain, Mr. Rajkumar Gupta, Mr. Yogeshwar Jain, Mr. Naresh Kumar Jain, Mr. Arvind Kumar Jain, Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain, Mr. Varun Jain, Mr. Amarchand Jain, Mr. Dharam Kirti Jain, Mr. Prem Kumar Jain, Mr. Subhash Kumar Jain, Mr. Satish Kumar Jain, Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Mr. Anand Jain, the Principal Mrs. Mridhu Ablash, the Headmistress Mr. Preeti Dem and all others joined the kindling ceremony .The process of inauguration was completed and the flag was hoisted. Along with this, the students of all four houses of the school - Veer House, Vidyut House, Virat House, Vikrant House, under the leadership of school captains - Inayat and Tanishq, a parade was presented while saluting the stage. After the parade, all the players took an oath to follow all the rules of the games properly. The chief guest of the programme and other attendees announced the beginning of the function by releasing colorful balloons into the sky. With this announcement, school captains Inayat and Tanishq, Vice Captains Atithi and Rajdeep, Sports Captains Ranveer and Siddharth, Cultural Secretaries Mansi and Anshika and all the house captains and vice captains supported each other and completed the torch ceremony. The sports competition was started by little children in which they participated in various games like Tiara race, Popcorn race, Cycle race, School bus on t

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