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Independence Day Celebration

Date: 14-08-2023

Time: To


Details: 76th Independence Day of India was celebrated with great pomp in the premises of Atam Devki Niketan located in Kidwai Nagar. On this occasion, President of the School Management Committee Mr. Nand Kumar Jain, Senior Vice President Mr. Vipan Kumar Jain, Chairma Mr. Sukhdev Raj Jain, General Secretary Mr. Rajeev Jain, Secretary Mr. Rakesh Jain, Manager Mr. Satinder Jain, Principal Mrs. Mridu Ablash, Headmistress Mrs. Preeti Dem and all others together waved the tricolor flag and sang the National Anthem. After this, the parade was presented by the students of the school and the message of Independence Day was conveyed to all by leaving colorful balloons in the sky. Presenting several songs, stories, plays and dances in the cultural program related to patriotism, the students filled the whole atmosphere with gaiety and enthusiasm. Apart from this, the children dressed in the costumes of freedom fighters, also praised their heroic stories. On this occasion, Mr. Nandkumar Jain, Head of School Management Committee, said that today is one of the biggest days in the glorious history of India. This day is the result of decades of struggle, sacrifice and sacrifice of freedom fighters. Today we all take an oath that we will not let the sacrifices of the freedom fighters go in vain and will always be ready to sacrifice our body, mind and wealth for the protection and security of the country. In the end everyone raised slogans of Jai Hind and sweets were distributed to all the students and staff.

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