Atam Devki Niketan

Where Knowledge is Everything

Behan Devki Devi Jain,after whom the Atam Devki Niketan has been named, was one of the most eminent educationalist of her time.Behan Ji was born in a well to do family of Ludhiana on 12th March,1906.Her father Shri Prem Chand and Mother Smt. Bhani Devi had everything which money could buy but she made up her mind to devote it to the service of her fellow human beings, particularly for the upliftment of women who at that time were imprisoned within the four walls of the house and suffered untold miseries .There was hardly any literacy among women, even among the affluent sections of the society.Behan ji first educated herself and passed a number of examination so that she could set her own example before her sisters

Her heart overflowed with milk of human kindness and she had love for all living beings.She was a divine and noble lady who,by her deeds, immortalized not only herself but also the family into which she was born.Behan Ji passed away on 8th April 1962, but her name will live for ever.The local Jain Samaj, particularly S.S. Jain Girls School Committee (Regd.) has set up a chain of educational instituitions as a mark respect to her memory. Enshrined in these institutions is the sacred memory of Bal Brahamchari Devki Devi Jain, the like of whom is born only once in a millenium.